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Relocation Assistance

The University will provide a one-way relocation passage at the cheapest available economy class fare and a baggage allowance to professoriate staff recruited from overseas and their dependants (up to 5 members) from their home country to take up the appointment in Hong Kong.  In respect of the airfare(s) and baggage allowance, you are required to pay the passage and baggage costs first and claim reimbursement on your arrival here. You are therefore advised to ascertain the monetary value of your entitlement with the Finance and Enterprises Office. Details on the relocation assistance are set out in the document “Passage and Baggage Allowance on First Appointment” enclosed with your Letter of Appointment.

Reimbursement of Passage/ Baggage Costs

To apply for reimbursement for passage/baggage costs, please send the invoice/receipt, ticket/boarding pass to the Finance and Enterprises Office. Enquiries can be addressed to the Finance and Enterprises Office at feo_payroll@hku.hk.

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